DWC 's season runs from

April 1st and closes Oct 31st.

Events/ are shows are weather permitting

Click on month to see special weekends/events or holiday info.  


Patsy Rae's is our on site camp Cafe. So you can come get to the woodz and get some of your favorites right here.

PR has a variety of food to suite your needs.

Specials run each week so check out our special board

(located just outside the Cafe ordering window.) 

Hello I am Sugar, the camp Pup. I love everyone, and I am super friendly.  I love to be petted, loved on, etc... My Dads ask that you do not feed me, and do not let me get in your car. The woodz are great so come on get to the woodz.



Patsy Rae's


Our goal is to have a place in the woodz where men can get away, kick back and have a great time. To have a place that is where men can be them selves. We are all originals and should have a place to be whom we wish to be. Our camp is secluded and the camp is monitored as to who comes and goes.  The dream is for Dawgwoodzcamp to be a home, an oasis or your escape haven for all men who are members and those who wish to be come one of our great members. For it is the caliber of our members that makes us a great place in the woodz,  

         So come on, get to the woodz!